Helping Students with Disabilities Plan for Post-High School Settings

What is secondary transition? Why is it important for school personnel to help students plan for post-school transitions?
Secondary transition is the process of the preparing students for life after high school which includes additional education, community life and employment. These are the driving factors for many of the goals created in IEP’s. It is important to produce productive members of society. Hence, we want to give the students the skills/tools needed to effective participant in their social environment. This process is helped by properly preparing the students through a secondary transition program.
List and describe the five components of the Taxonomy for Transition Programming.

Student Focus Planning – IEP development, planning stage, student participate
Student Development – Life skills, job placement, work experience, assessment, support
Interagency Collaboration – Collaboration framework /service delivery
Program Structure – program policy, strategic planning, program eval, resource allocation, HR department
Family involvement – Family training, family involvement, family empowerment

Explain why self-determination is important for students with disabilities.
Self determine is important to all students but need to be re-enforced at a higher level for students with disabilities. Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions is a central component to becoming productive members of society. We need students to take a personal responsibility in the learning because we can not force someone to learn and to improve. It is a collaborative effort. Hence, we need to help students to become self-determined so that they can work and improve to reach their personal goals.

For each of the components of the Taxonomy for Transition Programming, recommend one or two actions you as the teacher can take to help Jessica reach her goals. Explain your responses.
Program Structure – This would focus on how to get her a job in the medical field and helping to provide her with the tools needed to complete here goals. We could look for volunteer opportunities with hospitals. This will allow her to gain access to a hospital environment, get familiar with job duties and network to find a good placement fit.

Student Focused Planning – We would look for medical entry classes or admin. Look for computer related positions that play to her strengths.

Student Development – Provide books, websites and additional resources to help her achieve her goal.

Family Involvement – Look at bus schedules, train schedules, or carpooling opportunities that will allow her to get to school and work independently.

Interagency Collaboration – Start volunteering at the hospital.

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